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French Minister: Anti-Burkini Law Would Be ‘Unconstitutional’

(AFP) Paris – t would be “unconstitutional” for France to pass a law banning the burkini, and such a move could cause irreparable harm, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warned in an interview published online late Sunday. Speaking to French daily

Michelle Obama’s Father’s Day Message: ‘Be Better’

Despite what you’re seeing on every cable network, on the cover of every newspaper, and as the lead story on every website, the White House has an important message for women and it isn’t about terrorism and radical Islam. It’s about “gender inequality” in America.

Emma Watson

Taxidius Avoidus: Emma Watson’s Dirty Secret

Emma Watson is the latest celebrity to be exposed in the Panama Papers leaks. Apparently she keeps chunks of her estimated $70 million fortune stashed away in an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands. Personally, I am more than

IDF women in combat

Meet The IDF’s New Female Combat Officers

Ynetnews reports: 360 combat soldiers marched excitedly onto the parade grounds of Bahad 1 (site of the IDF’s officer training school) to officially become combat officers, after completing their grueling eight-month course. Of the hundreds of candidates, one could easily pick

Jerry Brown (Scott Olson / Getty)

Jerry Brown Jumps on ‘Equal Pay’ Bandwagon

On Tuesday, Governor Jerry Brown, intoning, “The inequities that have plagued our state and have burdened women forever are slowly being resolved with this kind of bill,” signed the California Fair Pay Act, which aims to ensure that business pay female employees equally who perform “substantially equivalent work” as males.

AP Photo/CTK, Radek Petrasek

Sweden Rolls Out ‘Gender Equal Snow Ploughs’

Swedish municipalities have started snow ploughing their streets “gender equally”. The practice was first adopted in Karlskoga in central Sweden, but has since caught on across the country, including in Stockholm. Under the old system, fresh snowfalls were cleared first