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Emma Solorzano, 13, of Jefferson, holds a sign saying Gun Free Zones Make Me a Target at a rally protesting gun control legislation and supporting gun rights in Wiscasset on Saturday, March 9, 2013, About 175 people attended the rally, which was organized by Jessica Beckwith of Lewiston, who is forming the Maine Gun Rights Coalition. (Photo by Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

5 Worst Gun Controls

A major tenet for Democrats at the state and federal level is gun control, and one would not be wrong for observing that the kind of gun control pushed is often similar — if not identical — to past or existing gun controls that have failed to deliver the reduction in death and violence promised.

Why Do Gunmen Target Churches And Schools, Not NRA Meetings?

In the wake of the heinous attack on Charleston’s Emanuel American Methodist Episcopal Church, Democrats’ ritual calls for more gun control have louder than usual, and a mainstream media’s focus on the threat of “mass shootings” has been kicked up a notch.

Donations To NRA Soar To Nearly $100 Million

Following the gun control push that began in July 2012 with the Aurora theater shooting and escalated after the December 2012 Sandy Hook attack, donations to the National Rifle Association rose to nearly $100 million. IRS disclosure forms show that


Gutfeld: ‘Gun-Free Is Music to the Ears of Fiends’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld declared “the phrase ‘gun-free zone’ is liberal for ‘sitting duck.’ Gun-free is music to the ears of fiends who target the unarmed on purpose” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.” “So, Somali terrorists have