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U. Colorado Profs: ‘Illegal Immigrants Under Siege’

Almost 200 University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) staff and faculty members are demanding the university implement ‘sanctuary campus’ policies, claiming illegal immigrants “feel under siege and live in fear of deportation.”


Harvard Rejects ‘Sanctuary Campus’ Ask

Harvard University will not designate itself as a “sanctuary campus,” which would have shielded illegal immigrant students from federal immigration law, university President Drew G. Faust announced.

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Harvard President Tells China Universities Have ‘Special Role In Addressing Climate Change’

Harvard’s president travels to Beijing to tout the importance of environmentalism, and specifically warn the audience about “global warming.” The Chinese must be laughing themselves sick at the spectacle of their geopolitical adversaries voluntarily kneecapping their economies in service to global warming mythology, while the air in Beijing can be eaten with a spoon on bad days.