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European Union Attacks Hungary’s Anti-Migrant Laws

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary’s new legislation allowing for the detention of asylum-seekers in shipping containers at border camps took effect Tuesday, with the European Union’s commissioner for migration saying that it needs to comply with the bloc’s rules.

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Hungary Continues to Fortify Border As Turkey Threatens to Scrap Deal

TOMPA, Hungary (AP) — A year after the European Union struck a deal with Turkey to stem the flow of migrants into Europe, asylum-seekers are still finding their way into Hungary – and the country’s populist government is doubling down protection of its border with Serbia with a new fence and controversial asylum rules.

Hungarian Government To Train 3,000 ‘Border Hunters’

The Hungarian government is planning to beef up security on its border with Serbia by training a further 3,000 “Border Hunter” personnel to aid existing forces. Hungarian law states that a mere fifteen asylum seekers are allowed into the central European country

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Hungary Gears Up To Build New Anti-Migrant Fence

A new fence, electronic surveillance equipment and a paved road for police “border hunters” are all part of Hungary’s continuing efforts to stop the flow of migrants and refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa at its southern borders.

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Migrants Claim Rough Treatment By Hungarian Border Guards

Migrants who have attempted to enter Hungary illegally from Serbia are complaining that the Hungarian border guards have roughed them up while deporting them. According to migrants who have tried unsuccessfully to sneak across the Hungarian border, border guards are

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Thousands of Migrants Arrive at Hungarian Border

Thousands of migrants have arrived at the border of Hungary and Serbia in recent weeks leading to the formation of new makeshift migrant camps. As the notorious Idomeni camp in Greece is cleared there are fears a similar camp could be

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Tears And Confusion As Hungary Tries ‘Criminal’ Migrants

“You shouldn’t enter a country through a hole in a fence,” the judge tells Mustafa, a Syrian migrant charged with a new type of crime created in Hungary only last month — illegally entering the country by crossing the newly-built

PICTURES: Migrants Riot At Hungary Border

Hungarian police have fired tear gas as hundreds of migrants broke through the new razor wire fence along the Serbian border. Some 1,500 migrants who want travel through Hungary are now blocked by the fence, with tensions boiling over around

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Hungary Swamped By Migrants Thanks To Merkel’s Moral Vanity

Blame German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conspicuous display of moral vanity. Her decision to welcome unlimited numbers of Syrian migrants and assorted welfare seekers will today see Hungary swamped by a chaotic wave of up to 30,000 people as its hardline approach to border