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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu walks with IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkott, left, as they visit the construction work on the fence between Israel and Jordan Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016. (Marc Israel Sellem, Jerusalem Post, Pool via AP)

How to Successfully Stop Illegal Immigration: Follow Israel’s Model

EILAT, Israel – Israel is regarding as global leader in the fight against Islamic terrorism. Lesser known is that the Jewish state has over the years contended with a major issue of regional migrants entering the country illegally and that the Jewish state has successfully halted the infiltration of illegal migrants to the point where not a single illegal entered in 2017, according to Israeli government statistics.

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1,200-Plus Migrants Stuck At Serbia-Hungary Border

Over 1,200 migrants have massed on the Serbian-Hungarian border as many fear the area could turn into another Idomeni-style migrant camp. The Balkan route continues to see more migrants crossing into Europe but now due to the stricter regulations by the Hungarian

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Taxpayers Foot Bill For Channel Tunnel-Walk Migrant

Taxpayers are forking out for the man who walked to Britain through the Channel Tunnel to live in a £100,000 property. Not only are the public having to foot the illegal migrant’s £700-a-month housing benefit bill, but Abdul Haroun can

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Government Warns Rogue Firms Against Employing Illegal Immigrants

The British government is determined to act against any and all rogue employers hiring illegal immigrants over bonafide local workers. Immigration minister James Brokenshire said businesses denying work to British nationals and driving down wages can expect to be targeted. His

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Italy Hands Smuggler Unprecedented Life Sentence as Europe Prepares for Migrant Deluge

A court in Catania, Italy, has sentenced 23-year-old Haj Hammouda Radouan to life in prison for manning an illegal migrant ship that capsized in the Mediterranean, killing an estimated 200 people. It is the first such sentence in Italy’s history, a precedent arriving just as the nation prepares for the summer rise in African migrants attempting to reach European shores.