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Watch: CNN’s Lemon Gets Ear Pierced to Ring in New Year

While covering the New Year’s Eve celebration live in New Orleans this year, CNN’s Don Lemon took ringing in the new year literally. After debating a tattoo or piercing, Lemon went with a piercing. Kathy Griffin suggested a nipple piercing, which Anderson Cooper


Celebrities Weigh in on FBN Republican Debate

Hollywood watched Thursday night as the Republican Party’s top seven presidential contenders battled it out in Charleston, South Carolina for Fox Business Network’s Republican Presidential Debate.

AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

CNN Rings in New Year in Havana, Cuba, Ignores Oppression of Cuban People

During CNN’s 8th annual New Year’s Eve telecast from New York City with anchor Anderson Cooper and comedienne Kathy Griffin, the cable newser featured a segment from Havana, Cuba, and, while the network expressed hope for renewed relations between the US and Cuba, anchors made no mention of the Castro regime’s arrests of pro-democracy activists this week.