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Update on $10 Million Kim Kardashian Robbery

The Paris Fashion Week robbery of Kim Kardashian appears to have involved a 5-man team taking control of the l’Hotel de Pourtalès; gaining access to Kardashian’s room; putting a gun to her head, tying her up and escaping with $10 million in jewelry.

Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint in Paris Hotel

(AFP) – Reality television star Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint at a Paris hotel by assailants disguised as police as she took part in fashion week, a spokesperson said. “She is badly shaken but physically unharmed,” her spokesperson said

Kim Kardashian Clarifies: ‘I’m With Her’

Kim Kardashian released a statement on her website this weekend re-affirming her support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, after an interview published Friday in which she said she was undecided between Clinton and Republican Donald Trump caused a stir on social media.

Arsonist Firebombs Kardashian-Owned Clothing Store

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigators began a search Tuesday morning for a person suspected of throwing a lit object through the glass of Kardashian sisters-owned clothing store DASH Boutique in Beverly Grove Monday night.