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Congressman Slams Discredited Media on House Floor

Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith recently took a few minutes on the floor of the House of Representatives to slam the old media establishment as a biased player for the Democrats. Lamar also said no one should believe a word the old media say and insisted that the media destroyed their own credibility with their biased “reporting” during the last election.

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Texas Leads Nation in Refugee Resettlement

Texas leads the nation in refugee resettlement despite objections from the governor and a lawsuit from the state. The Lone Star State is now home to 2,677 refugees who have been settled in the state since October 2015. While Texas is followed closely by California, who has resettled 2,654 refugees, the next closest state is Washington with about half that resettled in Texas, according to information obtained from the U.S. Department of State by Breitbart Texas.

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How Obama’s Amnesty Led to Terrorist’s Entry

President Barack Obama’s 2012 amnesty for “Dreamers”–illegal aliens who entered the United States as children–likely created the conditions under which one of the San Bernardino terrorists could enter the country.

Dallas Mayor Admits Fear of White People

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings spoke out against Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order to state agencies not to participate in Syrian refugee resettlement programs of the federal government. Abbott issued an order last week stopping Texas’ participation and he urged the White House to stop its programs.

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Texas Rep. Introduces Bill to Protect Governors Refusing Syrian Refugees

A U.S. representative from Texas introduced a bill on Tuesday in the nation’s capital to protect state governors who refuse President Barack Obama’s plans to resettle Syrian refugees in their respective states. At least thirty-one governors have made statements refusing these refugees because of security concerns.

Fiscal responsibility is ‘anti-science’ now

The media framing for stories about fiscal responsibility now involves portraying Republicans as “anti-science” when they object to handing out fat research grants for stupid projects.  For example, Politico’s big article on the subject is entitled, “Next Battle In the

GOP Rep: Dems Pushing Obama Amnesty to Gain Votes

GOP Rep: Dems Pushing Obama Amnesty to Gain Votes

Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) said President Barack Obama’s executive order amnesty plan puts the needs of those from other countries before citizens’ needs and is a cynical attempt to increase the Democratic Party’s voting

Taxpayer-Funded Climate Change Musical Closes Early

Taxpayer-Funded Climate Change Musical Closes Early

A Broadway-styled musical play has gone down to disastrous failure both critically and from audiences, despite having been funded by tax dollars to push global warming. “The Great Immensity,” was just as advertised; immense. Not just an immense bomb, but

Texas Congressman Creates Caucus to Toughen Border Security

Texas Congressman Creates Caucus to Toughen Border Security

In an effort to emphasize tougher border security, Texas Congressman Lamar Smith recently formed the Border Security Caucus on Capitol Hill. Rep. Smith, a vehement opponent of the Democrats’ immigration policy changes, said, “Unfortunately, President Obama has weakened immigration laws through executive orders



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