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Photos: 100 Days of Anti-Socialist Resistance in Venezuela

On Sunday, Venezuela’s opposition marked one hundred days since a series of daily protests against the socialist government, triggered by the Supreme Court’s aborted attempt to replace the National Assembly and install itself as the national legislative body.

The Fruits of Socialism: Venezuela in 20 Photos

As Venezuela enters year eighteen of the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution, the international community is finally paying attention, as Venezuelans struggle to find food, medicine, and an outlet for their frustration that will not trigger rampant state violence.

Opposition activists clash with riot police during a protest march in Caracas on April 26, 2017. Protesters in Venezuela plan a high-risk march against President Maduro Wednesday, sparking fears of fresh violence after demonstrations that have left 26 dead in the crisis-wracked country. / AFP PHOTO / RONALDO SCHEMIDT (Photo credit should read RONALDO SCHEMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

Venezuela: Opposition Claims Discontent Among Soldiers as Leopoldo López Calls for Desertions

The socialist government of Venezuela has denied claims by opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski that police have arrested 85 soldiers for refusing to follow orders from dictator Nicolás Maduro. The claim precedes a call to arms from Leopoldo López, the nation’s most prominent political dissident, who has called for soldiers to cease attacks on unarmed protesters.


Venezuela’s Opposition Awaits Socialist Response After Sweeping Elections

The anti-socialist Venezuelan opposition has cemented a majority hold on the National Assembly following national elections on Sunday night. While the government has officially accepted the results of the election, many still fear oppression and violence in response to the overwhelming rejection of Chavismo displayed in the polls.

Video: Venezuelan Prisoners Eating Stray Cats to Survive

An NGO operating in Venezuela has published videos of starved prisoners in the socialist nation killing, skinning, and cooking cats on aluminum pans in order to survive, as wardens have forbidden families from bringing food and serve only a small cup of rice and water per day.

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

After Cuba Victory Lap, Obama Cozies Up to Venezuela

Following news of reconciliation with the Cuban communist regime, Reuters is reporting that the Obama administration has been engaging in secret diplomacy with the dictatorship currently governing Venezuela, hoping to reestablish ties with socialist President Nicolás Maduro and negotiate the freedom of political prisoner Leopoldo López.

Nicolas Maduro and Pope Francis

Dissidents, Vatican: Venezuelan President Stood Up Pope to Avoid Human Rights Criticism

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, facing a tidal wave of international criticism over human rights violations and hunger strikes by his nation’s most famous prisoners of conscience, canceled a visit to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis. Both dissidents and Vatican sources have told multiple Spanish newspapers that the cancelation, ostensibly due to a “cold,” actually occurred out of fear of being embarrassed on a public stage.

Journalists Detained for Reporting on Caracas Mayor Arrest

Following the shocking images of Venezuelan secret service (Sebin) agents storming the office of Antonio Ledezma, Mayor of Caracas, the Socialist national guard has heightened its surveillance of journalists, cameramen, and even bystanders with recording equipment to prevent further compromising images from being shared on social media.

Venezuelans Take Streets of Caracas on Anniversary of Opposition Leader’s Arrest

One year ago today, the Venezuelan government arrested Popular Will party leader Leopoldo López for organizing a protest against the government’s socialist policies. He remains in prison, and his wife, Lilian Tintori, has organized a protest of thousands in the very Caracas square where he was arrested, as reports surface that he has been moved into an isolation ward.


Venezuela Authorizes Use of Lethal Weapons on Civilian Protesters

With the anniversary of the arrest of opposition party leader Leopoldo López approaching, the Venezuelan government has approved new legislation which would allow the Bolivarian National Guard to use “potentially lethal force” against protesters calling for the fully free exercise of the freedoms of expression and assembly.