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Spanish PM: Populism Will Wane in 2017

Spain’s recently re-elected Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has vowed to fight the growing tide of populism across Europe, calling on European leaders do as much as possible to improve their economies and increase employment, but saying little about immigration.

EU Warns Spain On Budget As Election Nears

The European Commission on Monday warned Spain to scale back government overspending that is in violation of EU budget rules or risk an embarrassing reprimand ahead of December elections. Spain should “take the necessary measures within the national budgetary process

Spanish Budget Minister to Greece: Respect EU Austerity Rules ‘As We Did’

Spanish Budget Minister Cristobal Montoro has categorically rejected any attempts to “change the rules” regarding austerity measures imposed on Greece by European Union regulations. “Europe is a club of democracies, and entering is voluntary,” he stated, implying that, should Greece’s new government refuse to impose austerity measures, they can leave the EU.