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Gabby Giffords Endorses Pat Toomey, Mark Kirk for Caving on Gun Control

On August 22 Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly praised Senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) for caving on gun control. Giffords and Kelly subsequently announced that their gun control group–Americans for Responsible Solutions–is endorsing Toomey and Kirk in the November elections.

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Gabby Giffords Stumps for Hillary Clinton at LA ‘Gun Control Forum’

On May 16, Gabby Giffords took part in a “gun control forum” in Los Angeles, where she stumped for Hillary Clinton and more gun control laws. Neither Giffords nor Kelly pointed out that the cities making headlines for gun violence–Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New Orleans, New York City, Seattle, and St. Louis–are Democrat-run.

More than 250 illegal firearms were seized last week in New York. PHOTO ERIC THAYER, REUTERS

Four Most Infamous Gun Grabbers

Gun grabbers are ubiquitous in the current 21st century Democratic Party and, with effort, one or two gun grabbers can be found in the Republican Party as well.


7 Things that Should Have Happened at Obama’s Gun Control Town Hall

The gun control town hall CNN hosted for President Obama was very one-sided. The vast majority of the questions directed at Obama were leading questions centered on gun control, while the few questions or comments that were pro-Second Amendment in nature went unanswered or were only partially answered.