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House Freedom Caucus Makes Excuses For Ryan’s $1.8 Trillion Tax-And-Spend Plan

Politico reports that members of the supposedly anti-establishment House Freedom Caucus are offering excuses to shield House Speaker Paul Ryan from getting the blame for his closed-door, budget-busting, welfare-extending, refugee-boosting, illegal-immigrant-funding, job-outsourcing, regulation-preserving, $1.8 trillion spending-and-tax plan, which has thrilled Democrats and angered GOP voters.

Salmon: Boehner Departure a ‘Wake Up Call,’ Stop Executive Branch From ‘Becoming a Dictatorship’

“As the leader of the Republican Party in Congress, the Speaker must be willing to fight the Obama administration’s dangerous, immoral, and sometimes illegal, actions using every tool our Constitution provides,” Rep. Matt Salmon said. “This is what the majority of Americans want their leaders in Congress to do, and ultimately, Mr. Boehner could no longer provide the leadership necessary to do this.”

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GOP Rep: DHS Failing at Primary Task by Releasing Illegal Alien Criminals

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) slammed the Department of Homeland Security Wednesday for releasing three violent criminal aliens into Arizona.

“Our Department of Homeland Security needs to focus more on securing our homeland, not on cornering the market as a transportation option for illegal aliens in the United States,” Salmon said.

Zeldin Amendment could kill Common Core

Can the Zeldin Amendment End Common Core?

An amendment was successfully added to the Student Success Act that could possibly bring an end to Common Core. This week, the US House narrowly passed the reauthorization of HR 5 (the Student Success Act). HR 5 is the controversial proposed replacement for the No Child Left Behind Act. The amendment, authored by conservative Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), would allow a state to opt-out of Common Core “or other specific standards” without reprisals from the feds. It passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support in a 373-57 vote.

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House GOP To Regroup On Border Bill

House leadership intends to tackle “issues” with a controversial border bill after a new conservative group claimed credit for getting the measure yanked off this week’s schedule.

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House Conservatives: Time For GOP Senate To Step Up, Defund Exec. Amnesty

House conservatives are calling on their counterparts in the Senate to finish the job of defunding President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty and pushing back against the administration’s policies. While the legislation has passed the House, the White House is already threatening to veto the bill and few expect that the effort has the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster in the Senate.

GOP Rep.: Obama Should Visit Border During Arizona Trip

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) is calling on President Barack Obama to visit the U.S. border with Mexico during his visit to Phoenix. Obama is scheduled to travel to Phoenix on Wednesday and deliver a speech on economic recovery at a local high school Thursday.

Stand for Something

Stand for Something

The 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill being hawked by the Republican House Leadership has language funding Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty plan. However, there are a few Representatives in office willing to stand up for our conservative principles in a last-ditch

Conservatives Top 2016 Target: John McCain

While the primary politics of 2016 may not afford movement conservatives a great many opportunities to take on establishment Republicans in primaries, there si one notable exception.  Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will be 80 years old, if or when he

House To Hold Hearing On Marine Jailed In Mexico

During his now infamous Rose Garden appearance with Bowe Bergdahl’s parents, President Obama said that “America doesn’t leave our people behind,” including “American citizens who are unjustly detained abroad and deserve to be reunited with their families, just like the Bergdahls.” Well,

Boehner's Border Group Recommendations Don't Heed Cruz Call

Boehner's Border Group Recommendations Don't Heed Cruz Call

A working group of lawmakers appointed by Speaker John Boehner submitted their final policy recommendations to him late Wednesday, which did not include language intended to prevent President Obama from expanding a unilateral amnesty for so-called DREAMers, a member of

Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear … Knives?

Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear … Knives?

At the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting this year, knives are the new guns. A growing movement recognizes that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms goes beyond guns, and also guarantees the right to have a knife.

The Individual Mandate Still Needs To Be Delayed

In response to Interest in Obamacare Drops 88 Percent in Two Weeks: In a radio interview on Monday, Paul Ryan detailed the provisions of the House Republicans’ offer that the White House rejected over the weekend. They asked for two basic