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Newsweek Dabbles in ‘President Hillary’ Fan Fiction

It isn’t unusual for supporters of a losing presidential candidate to engage in “if only” fantasies about what would happen if their favored candidate got into office, and dream about how all the country’s problems would be solved if only the election had gone differently.

Elle Magazine Slams Newsweek For ‘Abortion Wars’ Cover, Fetus Looks ‘More Like a Baby’ than ‘Actual Pregnancy’

Sady Doyle writes she is “flabbergasted” by Newsweek’s cover photo of the unborn baby that has “no sign of the actual person in whose uterus it is presumably housed,” especially after what she terms was a Planned Parenthood “terrorist attack.” Doyle continues with the usual myths propagated by the abortion industry about why abortions occur past 12 weeks of pregnancy

Hamas Security Forces in Gaza Kill ISIS Supporter

An alleged Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) supporter was fatally shot Tuesday in the Gaza Strip by Hamas security forces who have launched a crackdown against radical jihadists in the disputed territory, according to various news reports.

ISIS Supporters Hack Newsweek Twitter Account, Post Threats to Obama Family

ISIS has been catching hell from hackers, especially after the slaughter of Charlie Hebdo magazine staffers in Paris, but the Islamic State has not been without its own cyber-war victories. On Tuesday, as the Washington Examiner reports, hackers claiming to work for the Islamic State managed to gain control of the Twitter account for Newsweek, using it to post enemy propaganda, documents ostensibly stolen from the U.S. military, threats of further “cyber jihad,” and even a blood-curdling threat against the Obama family.