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Covfefe California (Acme.com)

Drivers in at Least 21 States Claim ‘Covfefe’ Vanity Plates

Drivers across the country are racing to their local Department of Motor Vehicles to claim “covfefe” vanity license plates just days following President Trump’s tweet where he meant to type “negative press coverage” and instead wrote “covfefe.”

Early Voting 2016 - 1

23 Voter Fraud Cases from 2016 and Beyond

President Donald Trump kept the threat of voter fraud on the front pages both before and after the 2016 Election. Although ballots have long since been counted, cases of illegal voting and other election law violations continue to surface in the aftermath.


Voters Defeat Transgender Ideology in North Carolina ‘Bathroom’ Debate

The National Collegiate Athletic Association will end its economic boycott against the North Carolina, handing a huge strategic defeat to the gay and transgender groups who are seeking to erase single-sex bathrooms and other useful legal and civic distinctions between men and women, girls and boys.

Protestors demonstrate during a rally against the transgender bathroom rights repeal at Thomas Paine Plaza February 25, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rallies are also being held across the country in support of the Affordable Health Care Act. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Left Wing Sports Columnist Demands NCAA Continue to Punish North Carolina Even After Bathroom Bill Repeal

Nancy Armour, USA Today’s extremely liberal sports columnist, is not satisfied that the State of North Carolina bent to the will of militant gay activists and began a repeal of its bathroom law meant to protect vulnerable women and children from predators. For her tastes, the repeal effort doesn’t go far enough, and she has now written a piece demanding that the NCAA continue to punish the Tar Heel State despite the fact that its legislature bent to liberal pressure to address the law.

Surveillance video from a Franklin, NC veterinary clinic shows the …

Watch: Car Crashes Into North Carolina Animal Hospital

Surveillance video from a Franklin, NC veterinary clinic shows the moment a car went crashing into the building. Wednesday morning, a customer at Noah’s Ark Companion Animal Hospital hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, driving the car into the building. “We

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Despite Failure of North Carolina Boycott, NCAA to Renew Game Ban Against Bathroom Bill

Despite the complete financial failure of the boycott against the state, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is once again warning the State of North Carolina that if it doesn’t repeal its year-old bathroom law, the league will cancel all tournament games. And this time the NCAA says it will boycott the Tar Heel State until the year 2022.

A pregnant Albanin woman watches her baby in the monitor as a doctor performs a sonogram in Tirana on November 9, 2011. In Albania, abortion was legalised on the eve of the Communist regime's fall in the 1990s. Since then, it has become almost a favourite method to chose the …

‘Life at Conception’ Bill Introduced in North Carolina

A North Carolina lawmaker has introduced a bill into the state legislature that would include a definition of the beginning of life as “the moment of fertilization or cloning.” Rep. Beverly Boswell (R) introduced H.B. 163, which would provide “equal