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Texas Scientists Develop Drug to Curb Obesity Without Dieting

Research scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston say they developed a promising new drug that curbs obesity without dieting and, based upon preliminary study findings, they may be on their way to unleashing a breakthrough for the millions who struggle with their weight.

Cash for Chunkers (City of Lynwood / Facebook)

‘Cash for Chunkers’: City Pays Residents to Lose Weight

This Saturday, the city of Lynwood, California challenged its residents to shed unwanted weight by introducing its seventh annual “Cash for Chunkers” challenge. The contest provides one driven team of “chunkers” with the chance to win $3,500.


Telegraph: Obesity A Threat ‘Like Terrorism’

Media hysteria in the UK is normally the province of the tabloid papers and The Guardian, but now The Telegraph has got in on the act. It has taken a report ranking obesity as a major crisis and, in a

fat scots

Big Fat Scots Have To Be Buried, Don’t Fit In Cremation Furnaces

As Britain’s obesity epidemic worsens, fat Scots are having to be buried rather than cremated because the coffins of the obese are proving too big for traditional crematorium furnaces. BBC News previously reported obesity could be costing Scotland up to £4.6bn a


How To Be Thin

Fat people are disgusting. And, worse, they’re such babies, always coming up with bullshit excuses about their big bones, hormonal problems, slow metabolisms, the “wrong gut bacteria” or, most sickeningly, their feelings. Sorry, landwhales, but no amount of whinging about your