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O.J. Simpson Booted from Vegas Bar for Drunk and Disorderly

O.J. Simpson has understandably decided to indulge in some of the things he was deprived of, while in prison. One of those indulgences, is a good stiff drink. However, if Simpson doesn’t watch it, those indulgences could land him right back in the slammer.

OJ Simpson

ESPN: OJ Gave Fantasy Football Advice to Prison Mates, Guards

Leading up to former football star O.J. Simpson’s Thursday parole hearing, ESPN ran a segment discussing how easy life has been for “The Juice” at Lovelock Correctional Facility. Per the ESPN report that aired on “SportsCenter,” Simpson gets special treatment and has had a

OJ Simpson

Prosecutor: OJ Simpson Will ‘Probably Be Paroled’

OJ Simpson will soon be a free man. Well, a paroled man anyway.

That prediction comes from a man perhaps, most singularly responsible for putting him behind bars. David Roger, the prosecutor who won a robbery conviction against Simpson in 2008, says he believes the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners will let the juice loose.

Roger told the New York Post, “The guy did a lot of time on a robbery charge, I expect he’ll probably be paroled.”