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Cheap-Labor Lobby Funds New H-1B Song-and-Dance Movie

Movie theaters around the country are screening a glamorous new movie about a struggling-yet-handsome Indian H-1B contract-worker in the United States — but viewers aren’t told that the movie was funded by lobbyists to help import more foreign workers for the moviegoers’ own white-collar jobs.

The chair of Justice Antonin Scalia is draped in black following his death on February 13, 2016

White House and Senate Republicans Wrangle over Supreme Court

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama is quietly strategizing with Senate Democrats about how to push a Supreme Court nominee to confirmation this year, while Republicans show no sign of flinching in their promise to let the American people decide this issue in November.

Orrin Hatch: Obama’s SOTU Is Class Warfare

Tuesday at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said the plan President Barack Obama’s is laying out in his State of the Union address tonight is class warfare. Hatch said, “This plan that

GAO Investigation Finds Obamacare Wide Open to Fraud

An undercover sting operation by the Government Accountability Office found that fake people can easily get access to insurance supported by real tax subsidies. The GAO created 18 fake identities backed up by fake documents. The plan was for them