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This picture taken on April 12, 2016 shows a Vietnamese Navy officer (foreground) filming two Japanese Navy's guided-missile destroyers anchored at Cam Ranh Bay in central Vietnam. The two Japanese Self-Defence Force guided-missile destroyers Ariake and Setogiri with 500 sailors aboard are paying a four-day port call at Cam Ranh Bay, which hosts Vietnam's strategic naval base. / AFP / VIETNAM NEWS AGENCY / VIETNAM NEWS AGENCY (Photo credit should read VIETNAM NEWS AGENCY/AFP/Getty Images)

Japan Vows Joint Exercises with U.S. in South China Sea

Japan’s defense minister announced in Washington Thursday that the nation is seeking to participate in joint maritime exercises with the United States in the South China Sea, a direct challenge to China’s repeated demands for Japan to stay out of the region.

Russia Weighs in on South China Sea: ‘We Support China’

The fallout from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s very public insults towards President Barack Obama continues. Russia, previously silent on China’s creeping invasion of Philippine territory in the South China Sea, has now issued a statement supporting Beijing.

Philippines presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte faced a storm of criticism after a video showed him making crude remarks about a female Australian missionary who was raped and killed during a prison riot in 1989

Post-Presidential Election, China Pressures Philippines to Back Down in South China Sea

The Philippines has a new president: an aggressively anti-crime mayor who has vowed to jet-ski to the disputed territories of the South China Sea and personally plant a Filipino flag. China’s state media have reacted to Rodrigo Duterte’s election with an invite to “win-win cooperation” – coupled with a threat that it will respond in kind to any “blackmail” regarding its colonization of Philippine territory.


China Inaugurates Third Lighthouse in Disputed South China Sea

Chinese media outlet Xinhua has confirmed that a third illegally constructed lighthouse in the South China Sea is now fully operational. The lighthouse is located on the artificial island formerly known as Subi Reef and equipped with “automatic identification systems” that significantly expand China’s surveillance capabilities.

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China Adds Fighter Jets to South China Sea Military Arsenal

A report surfacing after a long day of talks between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Secretary of State John Kerry claims China has placed up to ten fighter jets in the Paracel Islands, disputed territory in the South China Sea. The report follows satellite evidence that Beijing has added surface-to-air missiles and an advanced radar system to its arsenal in the region.


China Places Surface-to-Air Missiles on South China Sea Islands

New satellite images indicate that the Chinese government has placed “an advanced surface-to-air missile system” on illegally constructed artificial islands in the South China Sea, threatening both the nations who claim that territory and any passersby navigating those international waters.

AFP Photo/Ted Aljibe

Japan Considers Joining US in South China Sea Patrols to Thwart China

Japan is considering joining the United States on surveillance flights in the South China Sea, having already participated in one this week with the Philippines. The disputed waters, which China has claimed almost entirely as its own, have seen significant construction on its reefs by the communist power in the past year, angering its neighbors.