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Iraqi Reporter on Paris Jihad: ‘This Is Our Terror, We Are Responsible’

The author asserts that all Muslims – Sunnis and Shi’ite – must hold themselves accountable for the terrorism that is spreading throughout the world. “We cannot shake off our responsibility for the new and terrible terror attack that recently struck Paris, the French capital. We, the Arabs and Muslims, cannot renounce our direct role and our close connection to the terror attacks that have been flooding all the countries of the world, including our own countries, for two decades or more.”

Francois Hollande

Terror Sponsor Iran Claims France Wants to Cooperate to Defeat ISIS

Iran, the largest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world, believes it will soon cooperate with France in the fight against terrorism. Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency claimed that French President Francois Hollande had announced in a speech to parliament on Monday that his country would work with Iran in the fight against terror.

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Bloomberg: Show Your Support for Paris By Bitching About Climate Change

The Climate Cult has been pushing global warming as the principal cause of terrorism for years. While hostages were still being slaughtered in the Bataclan concert hall, cultists were suggesting the killers’ true goal was to inconvenience the upcoming Paris conference on climate change… as if ISIS has ever done anything but laugh uproariously and thank Allah for their good fortune when they hear dingbat Western politicians nattering on about how global warming is a bigger security threat than terrorism.