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Michelle Obama’s Father’s Day Message: ‘Be Better’

Despite what you’re seeing on every cable network, on the cover of every newspaper, and as the lead story on every website, the White House has an important message for women and it isn’t about terrorism and radical Islam. It’s about “gender inequality” in America.


Gutfeld: Let’s Start with Hollywood’s Inequality

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld reacted to Patricia Arquette’s Oscar speech by saying “if Hollywood wants to talk about equality, look at their two worlds” on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five.” Gutfeld first stated “one could point out that

Patricia Arquette Gets Political In Oscar Acceptance

Sunday at the the 87th Academy Awards, while accepting her Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in “Boyhood,” Patricia Arquette got political. After thanking her colleagues and family, Arquette said, “To my heroes, volunteers and experts who have

SAG Awards Honor Actors, Flaunt Political Correctness

The Screen Actors Guild Awards show was broadcast live on TNT at 5:00 pm Pacific time Sunday. The show was proceeding apace, with Actor trophies being bestowed upon worthy recipients such as Uzo Aduba in Orange Is the New Black (HBO) and Patricia Arquette in the twelve-years-in-the-making film Boyhood, when Guild president Ken Howard took the stage.