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Exclusive Excerpt — Philip F. Lawler’s ‘Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis Is Misleading His Flock’

The following is an exclusive excerpt from Philip F. Lawler’s new book, Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis Is Misleading His Flock. In the passage below, Lawler’s describes a secret progressive lobby in the Vatican known in its circles as the “St. Gallen Mafia.” As Lawler explains, lobbying for the election of a pope is gravely forbidden under Catholic canon law and has a punishment of excommunication.

7 Worst Moments from the Oscars

The Oscars on Sunday night represented a perfect showcase for the self-congratulatory left. From transgenderism to Black Lives Matter, from global warming to campus sexual assault, every hot button issue for the left received a turn on camera. And when one Republican appeared, the show seemed to stop for just a moment, before continuing on in its journey to leftist utopia.

Archbishop: No Equivalence Between Abortion And Other Social Justice Issues

The archbishop went on to explain that while nearly all Catholic dioceses in the United States – including his own – spend far more time and talent on providing social services to the poor rather than on opposing abortion, the fact remains that “children need to survive the womb before they can have needs like food, shelter, immigration counseling and good health care.”

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Vatican Relaunches ‘Just War Doctrine’ to Stop ISIS Genocide

Recent years have seen an increasing reluctance on the part of the Vatican to speak of the traditional “Just War Doctrine,” as Church officials have urged the exhaustion of diplomatic solutions before even considering the use of force. This reluctance seems now to be giving way to a grittier realism in the face of a relentless enemy with whom constructive, rational dialogue is impossible.