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Britain May Accept Unaccompanied Children Fleeing Syria

Britain might take in refugee children who have been displaced by the war in Syria and have travelled to other countries in Europe, a government minister said on Sunday. International Development Secretary Justine Greening said the government was considering whether it

Cameron Backs Move to Ban Full Face Veils

David Cameron has backed rules that would allow public officials to ban women from wearing full face veils in certain venues where identity and personal recognition are important. “Proper and sensible,” says the prime minister regarding a proposal that would see Muslim

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Britain Deploys Army To Rescue Storm Desmond Flood Victims

Britain deployed army personnel, rubber dinghies and a military helicopter on Sunday to rescue people trapped by floods that have deluged parts of the country in the wake of Storm Desmond. Thousands of homes and business were affected by the


Britain Poised To Join Syria Bombing With Vote

Britain’s parliament looks set to vote in favour of joining the bombing campaign against Islamic State (IS) in Syria on Wednesday, paving the way for sorties by its planes to start within days. Prime Minister David Cameron, who stepped up

Cameron: Norway Not An EU Role Model

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday launched his most open defence to date of his country remaining in the European Union, telling Eurosceptics that EU outsider Norway was no model to emulate. Speaking in parliament ahead of a trip to

Cameron Says Will Not Be Rushed On EU Referendum Date

Prime Minister David Cameron said his renegotiation of Britain’s ties with the European Union (EU) was “bloody hard work” but that he would not be rushed into naming a date for a referendum on membership, The Sunday Telegraph reported. On

Daze Of Our Lives: Dave, Drugs And Me At Oxford

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon in the summer of 1985 and three undergraduates are sitting cross-legged in an oak-panelled room high above one of Oxford’s grandest college quads stoned out of their brains on marijuana. Two of us, both called James, are

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Cameron Wants To Bring In 15,000 Syrian Refugees

David Cameron is preparing to accept around 15,000 Syrian refugees and would like to commence military action against Islamic State (IS) militants within a month, senior sources have said. Details of Britain’s refugee resettlement programme are currently being finalised after

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Cameron: Now Is The Time For EU Reform

MADRID, Spain (Reuters) – The prime ministers of Britain and Spain made a joint call on Friday for structural reforms in the European Union to make it more competitive and boost growth, employment and innovation. The EU reform article by

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Cameron Tacks Left, Abandons Key EU Referendum Pledge

Prime Minister David Cameron has abandoned his key negotiation plank of full British exclusion from EU employment laws ahead of the planned EU referendum. The move that could help Jeremy Corbyn lead left wing trade unions and the Labour Party into backing the

WATCH: PM Wants To Intensify War On IS

The fight against Islamic State (IS) should be intensified and more money directed towards the SAS and buying drones and planes, David Cameron has signaled in remarks made public today. The comments are the first indication of what will be

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The Link Between Climate and Poverty

The climate alarmists, generally the same people who dis the church and its position on abortion, the origin of life on earth, and the definition of marriage, appear practically giddy over Pope Francis’ recently released climate encyclical. Even Al Gore, who admits he was “raised in the Southern Baptist tradition,” has declared he “could become a Catholic because of this pope.”

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Dear Ben Carson: Call Me Maybe

Dr. Carson, I know you are smart, very smart. But you know medicine. You need very smart people to advise you on energy policy now, before you address the topic any further. I have a cadre of energy experts that I could make available to you—and any candidate who wants smart energy policy. Call me, maybe?