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Blue State Blues (Breitbart)

Blue State Blues: Hate Crime in the Chicago Obama Created

No place better represents Obama’s failure as a president than Chicago, which has suffered mightily on his watch. More people were murdered in Chicago last year than New York and Los Angeles combined, and this week’s live-streamed torture of a disabled white teenager is a reflection of the sad state of race relations.


City Pledges to ‘Welcome’ Illegal Aliens

A municipality just outside Chicago, Illinois has now pledged itself to be a home for illegal aliens who want to be shielded from federal immigration law, officially claiming the mantle as a sanctuary city.

Members of the Chicago Police Department search a vehicle involved in a shooting in the 3300 block of West Douglas Boulevard parked outside of Mount Sinai Hospital Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016, in Chicago. Two males were shot and drove themselves to the hospital. (Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)

Chicago’s Most dangerous Year Hits 500 Murders, but Don’t Blame Police

Black Lives Matter collectively insists that violence in the nation’s big cities is the fault of police because they are “murdering” blacks in the streets. But at least in the case of Chicago, after hitting 500 murders making this its bloodiest year in decades, the truth is that very few of those deaths have been at the hands of police.

Nelson Fox of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Don Zimmer of the Chicago White Sox chewing tobacco.

Chicago Bans Chewing Tobacco at MLB Parks

Just because they play a kids’ game doesn’t make it right to treat professional baseball players like children. That’s the take of several Chicago Cubs on the new ordinance banning the use of tobacco products at baseball parks in the Windy City.

AP Photo/Paul Beaty

Chicago Police Accused of Falsifying Accounts, Suppressing Witnesses in Laquan McDonald Shooting

As the investigation and the recriminations over Chicago’s handling of the Laquan McDonald shooting continues to rile the Windy City, witnesses of the shooting are now coming forward to claim that the Chicago Police Department coerced them to change their stories to better conform to the statements of officers on the scene and even threatened those who refused to obey.

emanuel_police APCharles Rex Arbogas

Emails Reveal Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel Was Fully Aware of Laquan McDonald Video Before Release

Embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has maintained since the beginning of the controversy over the 2014 death of a 17-year-old African American teen that he had little knowledge of the police dashcam video of the shooting. But new evidence shows that Emanuel was fully informed about what the video contained and led his lawyers to quash the release of the video just as he was running for re-election.

John Escalante, Rahm Emanuel

All Chicago Police Ordered To Carry Tasers

Only about 20 percent of Chicago police officers carry Tasers on patrol, but now, after a series of high profile police shootings, Chicago’s police superintendent has ordered that all officers be equipped with Tasers starting next year.