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Randi Harper Creates Breitbart Twitter Blocklist

In a series of tweets sent out Thursday evening, Randi Lee Harper, an “anti-abuse” activist with a notorious reputation for abusing people on social media, declared that she was setting up a Twitter blocklist for anyone who followed a “Breitbart related” account.

The O’Reilly Open Source Convention Was a Twitter Disaster

O’Reilly Media’s 2015 Open Source convention (OScon) turned into a debacle on Twitter last week after the invitation of a controversial activist. The drama escalated after O’Reilly Media employed a flawed mass-blocking tool on its official Twitter accounts, which blocked a swathe of journalists and developers in addition to the convention’s critics.

Renowned Author Calls Out Randi Harper’s Amazon Trolling

Bogus reader reviews have long been a problem for websites like Amazon and Goodreads. Intended as a mechanism to allow readers to dabble in literary criticism, their accessibility has left them vulnerable to political and personal vendettas. Despite the efforts of Amazon to stamp out