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Florida GOP Offers to Help Hillary Clinton Talk to the Press

Hillary Clinton is quickly proving to be the most inspirational candidate of the 2016 election cycle, at least in terms of inspiring new levels of creativity and wit among Republicans. Clinton’s ongoing refusal to interact with the press — or, in fact, anyone other than specially screened small groups of supporters — has become a seemingly endless source of mockery.

Florida GOP Cheered by Win in Jacksonville Mayor’s race

In a race that many are calling the first round in the 2016 election cycle battles, Republicans in Florida scored a significant victory on Tuesday night, when Republican Lenny Curry defeated the incumbent Democrat Mayor of Jackonsville Alvin Brown.

Florida GOP Chairman: ‘This State Is Going Red in 2016’

ORLANDO, Florida—As the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) gathers in Orlando for their quarterly meeting, RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia joined Breitbart News for an exclusive interview about the party’s plans for 2016 and the important role he expects Florida to play in the elections.