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Israeli Firm Sues Apple Over Patents in iPhone Camera Lenses

Israeli company Corephotonics filed a lawsuit against Apple yesterday, just as Apple was awarded $120 million by the Supreme Court after a prolonged battle with Samsung. Corephotonics, a maker of dual lens camera technology, claims that the cameras featured in the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus infringe on four of its patents.

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South Korean Court Sentences Samsung Heir to 5 Years Prison

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A South Korean court sentenced the billionaire chief of Samsung to five years in prison for crimes that helped topple the country’s president, a stunning downfall that could freeze up decision making at a global electronics powerhouse long run like a monarchy.

Apple Touch ID Access at High Risk of Criminal Intruders

Although Apple claims its fingerprint scanner is 5 times more secure than a typical 4-digit passcode, security researchers claim they have developed a set of fake MasterPrints that demonstrate criminal intruders could access 65 percent of fingerprint scanners.

Lee Jae-yong (C), vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, arrives to be questioned as a suspect in a corruption scandal that led to the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye, in Seoul, on January 12, 2017

South Korea Seeks Arrest of Samsung Vice Chairman in Graft Scandal

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — In a departure from the leniency South Korean big businesses typically receive, prosecutors on Monday requested the arrest of the de facto head of Samsung Electronics, the country’s most valuable company, in an influence-peddling scandal that has toppled the country’s president.

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Tim Sparapani: Apple vs. Samsung ‘Has Real Implications for Everybody Who Wants to Build the Next Great Business’

Tim Sparapani, former director of Public Policy at Facebook and currently tech and privacy analyst for SPQR Strategies, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss the battle between Apple and Samsung at the Supreme Court. The case will decide how much of Apple’s $399 million patent infringement lawsuit Samsung must pay.

Exploding Washing Machine Shakes Texas House

A washing machine exploded in a Houston home causing a loud noise that could be heard outside of the house. The woman who had been working on her housecleaning, said she heard a sound like a gun shot, a huge “BOOM.”

Samsung Pay Set to Crush Apple Pay

The newly-introduced Samsung Pay is about to crush Apple Pay, because all newer generation Galaxy mobile phones already work with 85 percent of “swipe-style” credit card machines.

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Samsung is Major Victim of Apple’s iPhone 6 Success

After Apple (AAPL) reported that it had sold $74.6 billion in products and earned a record corporate profit of $18.04 billion profit in a single quarter, Samsung Electronics admitted Thursday that much of Apple’s gain came at its expense. Korea’s former corporate juggernaut reported its lowest annual profit since 2011, with a 32% drop in quarterly profit, to $21.3 billion.

Where to Shop if You're Pro-LGBT

Where to Shop if You're Pro-LGBT

A new report from the LGBT Human Rights Campaign (HRC) lists hundreds of retailers and their LGBT-friendly score. The purpose of the list is to encourage shoppers this holiday season to buy LGBT and to avoid companies that are not so enlightened.

iPhone 6 may be Hot, but iPad is Not

iPhone 6 may be Hot, but iPad is Not

Apple will be holding a media event on Tuesday, September 9th to unveil its iPhone 6, according to reports today in the Wall Street Journal and tech news site Re/code.  The company releases a new phone each year, and the company

Justices Limit Cellphone Searches After Arrests

Justices Limit Cellphone Searches After Arrests

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a strong defense of digital age privacy, a unanimous Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police may not generally search the cellphones of people they arrest without first getting search warrants. Cellphones are powerful devices unlike anything

Mawshawn Lynch No-Shows Obama

Mawshawn Lynch No-Shows Obama

Marshawn Lynch goes into Beast Mode on the gridiron. Everywhere else he pretty much goes into Meek Mode.  The Seattle Seahawks running back skipped the team’s obligatory visit to the White House yesterday. “No particular reason was given to me,”

Proposal to Reopen Railroad to Mexico Gains Steam

Proposal to Reopen Railroad to Mexico Gains Steam

U.S. and Mexican investors have been working together to resurrect a dilapidated cross-border rail line that runs from Plaster City, CA through Mexico and back up to San Diego, as reported in early 2013 by the San Diego Union-Tribune. Recently

Apple May Buy Dr. Dre's Beats for $3.2 Billion

Apple May Buy Dr. Dre's Beats for $3.2 Billion

Hip-hop veteran Dr. Dre is about to get a big boost to his bank account. The rapper’s Beats Electronic company, known for its trendy headphones and music streaming, is being seriously pursued by Apple. Should the deal happen, it would