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Feds Pull Agents Off Open Border to ‘Process’ Alien Surge

The reassignment of U.S. Border Patrol agents to the Rio Grande Valley Sector announced on Saturday will leave other areas of the border less secure. Agents are being reallocated to assist with a growing surge of immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

DHS: Haitian Immigrants Up Over 600 Percent in FY2016

The number of illegal immigrants from Haiti entering the United States increased more than 600 percent during FY2016. The dramatic increase seems to account for a decision last month by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to resume removals (deportations) of Haitian immigrants.

Border Patrol Agents Disrupt Human Smuggling Operation in California

U.S. Border Patrol officials in southern California reported successful results from a new aggressive enforcement campaign targeting East County. The first four months of Campaign Eastern Front (CEF) resulted in the arrests of human smugglers and a large number of illegal aliens, along with the seizure of drug shipments.