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Tornadoes Kill 11 in Texas

At least eleven are dead after tornadoes hit Texas near Dallas. The deadly storms left massive destruction in their wake and officials are still accessing the damage and death toll. Thousands are without power.

Tornado Rips Baby from Mother’s Arms in Mexican Border City, Texas Ravaged by Storms

Days of heavy rains and intense thunder storms have taken lives in Texas — and now in Mexico. A tornado hit the Mexican border city of Ciudad Acuna and reportedly ripped an infant from a mother’s arms, according to the Associated Press (AP). As Breitbart Texas previously reported, a woman and her children were swept away by flash floods after the Wimberley home they slept in was ripped from its foundations by 25-30 feet of water. Over 300 homes in the area have been swept away by the waters. At least 37 Texas counties have been declared disasters by the Texas governor and at least 12 Texans remain missing after being swept away in floods.