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Tag: sexual assault

Woman Brutally Attacked by Man in Ladies Bathroom

A Seattle woman fought off a violent assault by a would-be attacker in a park’s ladies bathroom. The man, with an extensive criminal history, attacked her earlier this month while she was on a 10-mile jog.

The body of Tapon Chakraboty, who was killed during a militant attack on a market at Balajan Tinali, is cremated at a cremation ground in the Kokrajhar district of Assam on August 6, 2016. The death toll from an attack in India's northeastern Assam state, where gunmen opened fire on a busy market, jumped to 15 on August 6, as three more people succumbed to their injuries. / AFP / Biju BORO (Photo credit should read BIJU BORO/AFP/Getty Images)

Indian Woman Mistakenly Declared Dead, Burned on Funeral Pyre

24-year-old Rachna Sisodia, a student and newlywed, was tragically pronounced dead of a lung infection at a hospital in northern India on February 25. Even more tragically, there are claims the hospital declared her dead by mistake, and she was still alive when cremated the next day.