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Shaun King Says He Is 75% White

Former Black Lives Matter figurehead Shaun King has now revealed he is 75% white in an attempt to clear up ongoing allegations about his racial identity.

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Shaun King argues depictions of Jesus ‘promote white supremacist agenda’

Despite being humiliatingly excommunicated from the Black Lives Matter movement, activist Shaun King is doggedly continuing his progressive journalism, with a recent piece claiming that the festivities of Christmas and Easter are used as “tools of white supremacy.” In an article for New York Daily

Join Breitbart And Guests LIVE For The Shaun King Live Stream

This Tuesday at 2pm ET, join Breitbart editors Alex Marlow, Milo Yiannopoulos and Lee Stranahan, Breitbart writer Allum Bokhari and guests from other media organisations to discuss the unfolding Shaun King controversy. We’ll discuss the race scandal that engulfed Black Lives Matter

After Shaun King, Who Can Black Lives Matter Trust?

Victimhood is profitable. Nothing illustrates this better than the case of Shaun King, the disgraced Black Lives Matter icon. King raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes ranging from assisting victims of the Haiti earthquake to a fund for

Shaun King Is Hemorrhaging Twitter Followers

The world’s most notorious white black man, Shaun King, has faced ridicule, abandonment and humiliation over the past few days thanks to a variety of monumental fuck-ups. As if it couldn’t get any worse for the Black Lives Matter activist, his Twitter

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Black Lives Matter Split as Shaun King Melts Down on Twitter

Any impartial observer could have seen the fall of Shaun King coming. Even if you discount the questions about his claim to black ethnicity, which was thrown into doubt by Breitbart’s reporting, the dubiousness of his financial affairs was bound to catch up with him. But what does his fall mean for Black Lives Matter, the movement which he sought to speak for?

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Queen Takes King: A Complete History Of My Reporting On Shaun King

It looks like “police brutality” activist Shaun King’s power to race-bait may finally be over: Black Lives Matter has excommunicated him, leaving New York Daily News with some tough decisions to make. To help them come to a responsible conclusion, here’s

Black Lives Matter Leaders Just Excommunicated Shaun King

Incredible scenes on Twitter as the leading figures of Black Lives Matter are effectively ejecting New York Daily News journalist Shaun King from the movement with a co-ordinated take-down. I hate to intrude on private grief, obviously, but I… oh, who

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Shaun King Fires Blanks on Gun Control

Shaun King tweeted on Friday about guns with his trademark sophistication and accuracy. Alas, King couldn’t hit a target on Twitter if he was using a shotgun, let alone the handguns that were the topic of his asinine tweets.

Daily News Lets White Guy Write Word ‘N*gger’ 10 Times

The Leftwing media’s favorite phony black guy, the whiter-than-Mia Farrow Shaun King, wrote a lengthy oh-woe-is-me column for the Daily News Tuesday that contains ten uses of the racial slur “n*gger.” What does all this prove? It proves that the


Video of White Officer’s Takedown of Black Student Goes Viral

Videos of a white deputy roughly pulling a non-compliant black high school student out of her chair and then dragging her on the floor went viral Monday night, just hours after the incident occurred at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina. Over half of Spring Valley High’s students are black.