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Scotland: Brainwashing Little SJW Nazis Since 1986

If you’ve got 17 minutes to spare I urge you to watch this video (currently being circulated on Twitter). And if you haven’t got 17 minutes to spare, then make some spare. It will infuriate, enlighten, delight and terrify you all at


Commission to Scotland: No Easy Way to Remain in EU

The European Commission (EC) have knocked back Nicola Sturgeon’s ambitions for Scotland to stay in the European Union (EU) in the wake of ‘Brexit’. In what will be a blow to the First Minister of Scotland, the Commission also confirmed


Scotland: Remain’s Lead Slashed by 13 per cent

It’s been long claimed that Brexit is against the wishes of most Scots, but in Scotland the Remain vote has been slashed by 13 per cent in just two months. Political figures have increasingly warned if Britain votes to leave