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Darling: Attach Cut, Cap, and Balance to Debt Limit Hike

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin argued on Fox News Sunday for a “clean” hike in the debt limit. Mnuchin also pushed a strategy of attaching the debt limit as an amendment to a bill to provide $7.9 billion in temporary relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Steven Mnuchin: ‘Regulation Is Killing Community Banks’

The highlight of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s confirmation hearing so far was his rousing defense of community banks against overbearing federal regulations. “Regulation is killing community banks,” he declared, and if the process is not reversed, we could “end up

Trump Cabinet Nominees Begin Senate Hearings Jan. 10

The Senate is set to hold confirmation hearings for nominees to President-elect Donald J. Trump’s cabinet Jan. 10, with the goal of having at least Rex Tillerson for State Department and retired Marine Gen. James N. “Mad Dog” Mattis at Pentagon in place upon the start of the new administration.