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IDF: Hamas Shifting Focus to Defense Terror Tunnels

Hamas appears to be changing its tunnel strategy, shifting from a focus on border-crossing attack routes to more internal defense structures, as Israel steps up work on its underground barrier surrounding the Gaza Strip, according to IDF assessments on Wednesday.

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Bedouin Tribes In Sinai Accuse Hamas of Aiding Islamic State

TEL AVIV – Bedouin tribes fighting in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula against the Islamic State group have warned Hamas against continued support for IS in Sinai. The tribes accused Hamas of allowing fighters out of the Gaza Strip to join IS’ ranks through smuggling tunnels that connect Gaza to the Sinai while providing sanctuary to IS members.

Gaza Sewage Causes Water Crisis

TEL AVIV – Millions of gallons of sewage from Gaza poured every day into the Mediterranean is destroying Palestinian and Israel’s freshwater supplies as well as local fishing zones, the Associated Press reported.

Hamas Sentences Five ‘Israeli Collaborators’ to Death

The Hamas Ministry of the Interior in Gaza on Monday announced that five men have been sentenced to death for collaborating with Israel, as the Islamist organization was reeling from an Israeli announcement that one of its attack tunnels had been discovered and destroyed.

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Israel Halts Cement Shipments to Gaza, Alleges Hamas Theft

JERUSALEM – Israel announced that it will stop allowing cement into the Gaza Strip after it discovered Hamas is using the material to rebuild its terror tunnels. The material’s original purpose was to help reconstruct homes damaged or destroyed in Israel’s 2014 war with

Since January 26, at least 12 Gazans have been killed in five separate tunnel collapses with both Israel and Egypt operating against the diggers

Tenth Hamas Terror Tunnel Collapses in Gaza

TEL AVIV  – Three Palestinians were critically wounded and five others declared missing after a terror tunnel collapsed underneath the town of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian press reported on Saturday. The incident marks the tenth such