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XILINGOL, CHINA - JULY 30: The flag guard formation holding the flag of the Communist Party of China, the national flag and the flag of the PLA attends a military parade at Zhurihe military training base to mark the 90th birthday of Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) on July 30, …

World View: How China Would Lose a War with the United States

Contents: Massive earth fissure suddenly opens up in mid-Kenya, signaling an eventual split in all of Africa; How China would lose a war with the United States; ISIS-linked terrorists in Afghanistan kill 32 in bombing of Shia Shrine in Kabul


Exclusive: Pakistani Christian: ‘Life is Unbearable as an Asylum Seeker in Thailand’

Kathriya Louis is gazing out of the window of the second floor condo she shares with her family in Thailand when a military vehicle pulls up. Pausing only to take a quick picture on her cell phone, she quickly withdraws inside, and the family sit in silence, hoping not to be the latest detainees shipped to Thailand’s immigration centers.

Investigators work at the scene of an explosion in the resort town of Hua Hin, 240 kilometers (150 miles) south of Bangkok, Thailand Friday, Aug. 12, 2016. The blast followed a series of two explosions in Hua Hin Thursday evening that left one person dead and a number injured. (AP …

Thailand Rules Out International Terrorism After 11 Bombs Kill at Least 4

Thai authorities have ruled out international terrorists as the perpetrators of 11 coordinated bombings that rocked some of the most popular resort cities and beach towns in Thailand’s Islamic south, killing at least four locals and wounding another 36, including up to 11 foreigners.

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Thai Cops Bust Gang Sending Fake Passports To Migrants To Europe

(AFP) – Thai police have broken up a major fake passport ring led by an Iranian known as “The Doctor” which sent thousands of passports to Middle Eastern customers trying to enter Europe, officers said Wednesday. The kingdom has long


Islamic State Militants Set Up in Thailand to Target Russians

Ten Syrian militants from the Islamic State entered the Kingdom of Thailand between October 15 and 31 to target Russian interests, according to information provided by Moscow’s Federal Security Service (FSB). On Friday, Thai police said that Moscow’s top intelligence


Islamic State Agents From Syria ‘In Thailand to Target Russians’

Thai police say they were warned by Moscow that 10 Syrians working for the so-called Islamic State (IS) entered Thailand in October to target Russians. A leaked Thai police memo says the information was passed by Russia’s intelligence agency. More

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Thai Police Say Arrests Made Abroad In Connection With Bangkok Bomb

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai police said on Thursday that suspects wanted in connection with a bomb that ripped through a Bangkok shrine, killing 20 people, have been arrested abroad and that Thailand was in the process of requesting their extradition.

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Experts: South China Sea Hague Case May Force China to Pay ‘International Price’

As the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague prepares to hear the territorial dispute among nations framing the South China Sea – and the Chinese government vows to ignore any verdict – experts suggest a ruling against China could significantly hamper China’s construction of illegal artificial islands and military facilities there.

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Filipina Wins Transgender Pageant In Thailand

PATTAYA, Thailand – Filipina Trixie Maristela was crowned Miss International Queen 2015 on Friday at a contest in Thailand billed as the world’s largest transgender pageant. The 29-year-old beat 26 other competitors for the coveted crown, with second and third