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Texas Poll Shows Tight Race for Trump, Clinton

HOUSTON, Texas – A new poll released this week from the University of Houston (UH) reveals a tight race in the campaign for Texas’ 38 electoral votes. While voters show confidence in GOP candidate Donald Trump’s abilities to handle most issues, he leads Texas by a very small margin.

Green Party National Convention to Offer ‘Plan B’ for Disaffected Dems

HOUSTON, Texas — Green Party candidates and delegates are arriving in Texas for their 2016 Presidential Nominating Convention with the theme – “Houston, We Have A Solution: Vote Green 2016.” Both the Green Party and their presumptive presidential nominee Jill Stein, are appealing to angry Bernie Sanders supporters, and “Never Hillary” voters, to vote Green as their “Plan B.”

Oil Bust Tanks More Texas Jobs

The continuing weakness in the oil and gas sector has caused the ax to fall on another energy giant. Chevron announced they will lay off 1,500 employees worldwide. Nearly one thousand of those oil bust job losses will come directly from Houston.

Univ of Houston Professor Apologizes for ‘Ill-Conceived Attempt at Humor’

HOUSTON, Texas – University of Houston Political Science Professor Cyrus Ali Contractor apologized to his students for the inappropriate email message he emailed Wednesday night. The professor apologized for the message which contained a fake “1st draft of Sen. Cotton’s Letter” which some students found to be in poor taste.