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Transgender, Business Try To Block Bathroom Privacy Ballot

A Washington State mom gathering ballot-certification signatures to regain sexual privacy for women in public bathrooms and showers, despite a wave of hate, workplace pressure and stigma from the entire progressive and pro-transgender establishment of Washington State.

Several States Sue Trump Over New Immigration Executive Order

Four Democrat-led states are currently suing President Donald Trump over Executive Order 13780, temporarily restricting immigration from seven terror-prone nations, and that number of states will likely grow in the next few days. At least one of these legal challenges appears headed for the Supreme Court.

Washington: Student-Athlete Stars at 3 Colleges, Prep QB Top List

After skipping the NBA draft for a shot at the Final Four, All-American Kyle Wiltjer remains as the established top player on the top team in the state (Gonzaga). Taelor Ross, the sister of Terrence Ross of the Toronto Raptors, and her Seattle team enter this season as the player and team with the most to prove.

Measles (Associated Press)

First Person Dies From Measles in 12 years

Officials confirmed that a woman killed by measles in Washington State this spring had been vaccinated as a child but a combination of health problems, a depressed immune system and being on medication that interfered with her response to an infection left her unprotected from the deadly disease.