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A data sharing deal will allow Facebook to target advertising at WhatsApp users who are also on the social media platform

Social Media Silenced in Turkey After Government Crackdown

Internet users in Turkey were on Friday experiencing severe difficulties accessing social media after the country was plunged into new turbulence by the detention of its main pro-Kurdish leaders, correspondents and a watchdog said.

Hassidic Leaders Battle Against Smartphones And WhatsApp

The Jerusalem Post reports: The rabbinic leadership of several hassidic groups has in recent days been stepping up a campaign to implement strict restrictions and conditions on the use of smartphones within the community. The Viznitz hassidic community held a large conference

Islamic State fighters

Islamic State Creates Its Own Secure Messaging App

Islamic State supporters have explored a variety of social media tools for distributing propaganda and coordinating their efforts, most recently the Telegram app — whose owners originally refused to take action against ISIS accounts because they wanted their platform totally free of government interference but changed their stance after the Paris massacre and began blocking ISIS-related channels.

Swearing Online? It Could Cost You £45,000

Advice to angry people: be very careful using messaging services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you are caught texting swear words you risk being saddled with extortionate fines. The Express reports that new legislation – applicable both to Emirati citizens and the many British holidaymakers, bankers,

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Facebook Messenger Makes 10% of VOIP Calls

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, intent on making the telephone obsolete, stated Wednesday that 10% of global mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) occurs through Facebook Messenger. He added, according to TechCrunch, that because mobile VOIP’s audio has superior audio to that of traditional phone calls, growth “is going to continue very quickly.”

British PM Suggests Banning SnapChat, WhatsApp to Prevent Terrorism

The rise of terrorism at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists throughout Europe has become so profound that Prime Minister David Cameron says he plans on placing restrictions on, and potentially banning, encrypted online communication tools that could be used by these groups and individuals to carry out their attacks on civilians.