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Dairy Cows are ‘Raped’ to Produce Milk, Says PETA

The animal rights group, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), says dairy cows are raped to produce milk. The organization attempts to equate artificial insemination of farm animals to women being raped and human trafficking sex crimes. “When

Afghanistan: Jealous Man Chops Wife’s Ears Off

Afghanistan: Jealous Man Chops Wife’s Ears Off

A jealous husband in northern Afghanistan is on the run from authorities after he allegedly tied up his 21-year-old Afghan wife and severed both her ears, marking the latest in a series of similar high-profile domestic violence attacks in the war-ravaged country.

Washington Post Announces Women’s March with Male Symbol

A minor typo is one thing, but it must have taken considerable effort to create the cover for the Washington Post Express magazine, which shows a throng of demonstrators standing in the shape of… the traditional male symbol, the sign of the war god Mars.

Hillary Clinton’s Real Record On Women and Children

As Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign unfolded, she ultimately showed herself to be “vulnerable” on the subject of human rights due to the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising practices of accepting contributions from countries that condoned the abuse of women and children.


Iran’s 4,000 Women Ninjas Empowered Through the Art

In the Islamic Republic of Iran’s marginalized society, where women are relegated to second-class status and often treated like children, a growing brand of martial arts – known as ninjutsu – is providing women with a sense of empowerment and self-worth.