Evergreen Suspends Operations Again Ahead of Scheduled Protests

Bret Weinstein/Twitter
Bret Weinstein/Twitter

Evergreen State College suspended operations on Thursday afternoon ahead of scheduled pro-free speech and “anti-fascist” group protests.

A scheduled rally to defend free speech at Evergreen State College will be countered by a group calling themselves the “Evergreen Anti-Fascist Community Defense Network.” Anticipating potential conflict, Evergreen State College suspended operations on Thursday afternoon.

“I am so angry right now,” said Joey Gibson, the organizer of the pro-free speech group that had last week scheduled a rally for Thursday on campus. “I am so upset at the culture that you guys have there. It is a culture of hatred. You have no right to kick someone out because of the color of their skin. That is called racism.”

In response to the scheduled rally, an “anti-fascist” group quickly set up a Facebook page titled “Defend Evergreen! Counter Demo Against Fascists on Campus,” which garnered 88 interested participants.

Another group, the Puget Sound Anarchists, are planning to attend the rally as well. A post on their website encourages participants to bring a laundry list of supplies such as “things to make noise” and “music.” Participants were also instructed to bring “medic skills.”

“To be successful in this we will need many different tactics, skill-sets and supplies,” a post on its website said. “Please bring your self, food, water, things to make noise, music, medic skills and supplies, masks, flags, art, banners and signs.”

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