Texas DREAM Act Faces Revamp or Repeal

Texas DREAM Act Faces Revamp or Repeal

The law known as the Texas DREAM Act will face a “big revampor repeal” according to one incoming State Senator. The measure passed into lawduring the 2001 legislative session and provides for in-state tuition forcertain children of illegal immigrants. The law was a hot button issue duringthe primary and general election as well as the 2012 Presidential Campaign ofGovernor Rick Perry.

State Senator-Elect Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) wasted notime in addressing the issue that also dogged her in her recent campaign thatended last Saturday night with her election to the Senate. She voted for the 2001 in-state tuition bill as freshman state representative. She spoke out against in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants during the campaign and is now ready to move forward on her campaign promise.

“We are definitelylooking to modify that bill, and Governor Abbott has told me he would sign it -whether that be a complete repeal or a toughening of the standards,” saidKolkhorst in an interviewwith the Houston Chronicle.

Kolkhorst told the Chronicleshe has spoken with Lt. Governor-Elect Dan Patrick and Governor-Elect GregAbbott about the possible legislative actions on the issue. Both Abbott andPatrick have expressed their commitment to either reform or repeal the law.Abbott said, during a gubernatorial debate with State Sen. Wendy Davis, hewould not veto a bill that would repeal the Texas DREAM Act, but his campaignstaff said they would prefer to reform the measure. Patrick pledged to repealthe bill throughout his campaign.

The incoming Senator said she expects this will be one ofseveral pieces of legislation relating to illegal immigration to come beforethe new legislative session which launches in January.  “Whatever role the lieutenant governor wantsme to play on the issue, I will play,” Kolkhorst said.

Kolkhorst was electedto Senate District 18 last Saturday in a special election to fill the vacancycreated by the election of Senator Glenn Hegar to the position of Comptrollerof Public Accounts. SD-18 runs from Giddings down to Port Aransas and includesBrenham, Katy and Victoria. She is expected to be sworn in to the Senate laterthis month.

During the 2012 Presidential Campaign, Governor Perryreceived a very strong negative reaction to his statementto the audience of a presidential debate when he said if you do not supporteducating the children of illegal immigrants “I don’t think you have a heart.”

The Texas DREAM Act was a landmine issue for severalcandidates during the 2014 Republican Primary season where many challengersattacked incumbents who voted in 2001 to approve the in-state tuition issue.

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