Three-time Deportee Arrested for Fourth Drunk Driving Charge

An illegal immigrant from Mexico who has been deported from the U.S. three times was arrested a fourth for drunk driving in Texas.

Cresencio Guerrero-Renteria, a 54, was arrested after a state trooper pulled him over for driving while intoxicated, according to Valley Central News.

A closer look into Guerrero-Renteria’s past run-ins with U.S. law enforcement revealed a criminal history dating back to 1992.

Guerrero-Renteria was arrested in 1992 for drunk driving. Following his sentence, he was deported back to Mexico. In May 2012, Guerrero-Renteria was once again arrested for drunk driving and sentenced to 40 days in jail. After finishing the sentence, Guerrero-Renteria was deported for the second time.

In July 2015, Guerrero-Renteria was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, receiving a harsher sentence for getting a DUI. The illegal immigrant was sentenced to two years in a U.S. prison, but was deported in February 2016 for the third time.

Guerrero-Renteria is facing another felony charge and deportation yet again.

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