Texas Hearse Thieves Dump Body on Roadside

Body Dumped after hearse stolen
Photo: Twitter/@ChiefDeputyBCSO
Bryan, TX

A truck driver made a shocking discovery while driving through central Texas – a body strapped to a gurney dumped along the highway.

Deputies with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office reported they received a call about the unusual discovery early Friday morning. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered the body, still attached to the gurney. Coincidentally, a local funeral home reported their hearse stolen about 90 minutes earlier.

Brazos County Chief Deputy tweeted a photo from the scene and wrote, “True story … hearse stolen in Bryan with body inside, then body dumped in the county!”

The driver of the hearse, owned by Stackhouse Mortuary Services, left the engine running with the keys in the ignition while he ran into a McDonald’s restaurant to get something to eat. When he came back out, the hearse was gone, The Eagle reported. Not long after that, a delivery driver noticed the body and gurney abandoned by the thieves.

“This is a very rare, one-time situation here,” Drew Stackhouse, brother of the mortuary’s owner told the local newspaper. “I don’t know how or why it happened, but we are fixing the problem.” Owner Travis D. Stackhouse was out of town on vacation and was unavailable for comment.

Drew told The Eagle he did not know if the deceased person’s family had been notified of the theft.

Police found the body, draped in a sheet, still attached to the gurney about 10 miles from where the hearse was reported to be stolen. The hearse, an SUV, is still missing.

Authorities did not release the identity of the deceased person.

The hearse driver did not return calls from the local newspaper. He also reportedly works for another funeral home as well.

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