VIDEO: Irate Former Employee Trashes Taco Bell in Fight with Manager

A former Taco Bell employee walked inside her former place of employment and threw gallons of tea during a fight with the manager, according to a video released Saturday.

The video shows the disgruntled ex-employee, only known as Margarita, spilling gallons of tea all over the Converse, Texas, location before she throws the tea canister at her ex-boss, KSAT reports.

The cause of the fight is unclear, but the manager notes that the former employee was there to pick up her final paycheck.

“How old are you, little girl?” the woman says to the manager.

The manager, who is identified as Arturo, responds by throwing a drink dispenser at the woman.

“Your mother is about to get knocked out!” the manager yells.

The woman’s 17-year-old son, who appears in the video, shouts at the manager, “Tiny a—little b–ch!”

The manager takes off his shirt and screams profanities at the boy before asking him to fight.

A person at the drive thru looks on in horror as one employee notifies Arturo that the police were called.

Margarita grabs a spatula and yells at the manager while her son retreats from the fight.

“What’s up, b—ch? I’ll fight you, b—ch. … Do something, b—ch!” Arturo shouts at Margarita as she holds the spatula.

“You’re gonna walk out of here sliced up. You’re gonna walk out of here with a gash in your face,” Arturo adds.

Police arrive at the scene to break up the tense standoff and arrest the woman while Arturo exclaims, “She was fired. … She’s here to pick up her last check. … I’m the manager.”

“Calm down. Put on a shirt,” an officer tells Arturo.

At the end of the video, multiple officers tackle Margarita’s son to the ground to handcuff him.

The Daily Mail reports that arrest records for Bexar County, the county where this particular Taco Bell is located, do not show any records for a suspect named Margarita with charges of criminal damage or trespassing.

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