Chris Matthews Declares 'Clear Victory For Joe Biden'

Chris Matthews Declares 'Clear Victory For Joe Biden'

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “Well here’s the official score keeping: I went through each one of the topics that they each discussed — these two guys. And it was a great debate, first of all. Martha Raddatz was wonderful. A couple points: I think the was I’m scoring it — and I hope this is clear — on Benghazi I give that to Ryan. On economics, I give it a draw. On medicare, all Biden. On taxes, fairness, all Biden. On Afghanistan, another draw. On Syria, another draw. On abortion, all Biden. He wins three big ones on another one. On closing statements, a draw, I thought they both did closing. On the points, clearly all Biden. A clear victory for Joe Biden looking at the key issues people care about. They don’t focus much on Syria or on Afghanistan that much. They do focus a lot on medicare, they do focus a lot on tax fairness, they do focus a lot on abortion rights. On the big issues that matter to people a clear victory to Joe Biden.”

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