Ryan: We're Getting 'Speeches, Not Leadership'

Ryan: We're Getting 'Speeches, Not Leadership'

Congressman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI): “Leaders run to problems to fix problems. President Obama has not even put a credible plan in any of his four years to deal with this debt crisis. I passed two budgets to deal with this, Mitt Romney has put ideas on the table. We’ve got to tackle this debt crisis before it tackles us. The President likes to say he has a plan, he gave a speech. We asked his budget office ‘Can we see the plan?’ They sent us to the Press Secretary, he gave us a copy of the speech. We asked the Congressional Budget Office, ‘Tell us what President Obama’s plan is to prevent a debt crisis.’ They said, ‘It’s a speech, we can’t estimate speeches.’ You see, that’s what we get in this administration — speeches. But we’re not getting leadership.”

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