FLOTUS: No Part Of Me Would Not Be 'Bummed' If We Lose

FLOTUS: No Part Of Me Would Not Be 'Bummed' If We Lose

JIMMY KIMMEL: Any part of you that wouldn’t be so bummed if you don’t win this time around?

MICHELLE OBAMA: Absolutely not.

JIMMY KIMMEL: None, not at all? Because this seems Iike a big hassle. I would hate to be the First Lady, I would be a very bad First Lady.

MICHELLE OBAMA: Being president is much harder.


MICHELLE OBAMA: So I have a different vantage point. But this is about our kids and about our future. So, even when Barack talked about entering politics period, I was very hesitant for the very same reasons. Your life is no longer your own, how do you raise your kids? But then I thought about the kind of person to lead the country and to deny him that right would be selfish, so we’re in it!

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