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Rush: Change The Culture, Change The Country

Rush: Change The Culture, Change The Country


RUSH: As you know, I’m a big technophile, and I read every tech blog there is, particularly those related to Apple. And all of these people contributing and writing and posting these blogs are under 30. And they live in a different world than I do and they live in a different world than I grew up in. The things that they just assume are true, like there is no doubt whatsoever that we are destroying the planet with global warming, no doubt. They can’t even conceive of what you and I both know to be the truth, and that is, the whole global warming thing is a hoax. They do not even think it’s a political issue. They do not realize that everything they believe in has been totally corrupted by politics. What they think is science is nothing more than corruption by the left, but they don’t know any better. It’s what they’ve been exposed to from as early on in their lives as their brains were capable of learning anything. And that happens to be the kind of thinking that populates the entertainment culture and so forth. I really think that the solution to our problems are not really political. I think conservatives are seen by young people and the left and the pop culture the way they are not because of what these people have been taught about conservatism. It’s purely cultural. They don’t know ideology. They don’t know liberal versus conservative. They’ve not been told, for example, that Romney is a skunk or whatever because he is a conservative. It goes far deeper than that.

So the battle that we face is not really an ideological one. I must confess, I think the solution will be found in ideology, but I must confess, I think I’ve been a little wrong. I have waxed eloquent here on this program. I have longed for the day where people understand what liberalism is ideologically. I have begged the Republican Party to campaign on ideology and to explain to people what liberalism is by pointing liberals out. You want to see liberalism, look at Detroit. You want to see liberalism, look at California. You want to see liberalism, look at Cuba. You want to see liberalism, look at Venezuela. The Republicans haven’t done it. I don’t know why, don’t care right now. But the young people do look at Cuba, and they lionize Che Guevara. They wear his T-shirts. They look at Cuba, they don’t see any big problem there. They don’t know. My only point here is I’m just scratching the surface on this, by the way, so I’m speaking off the top my head here, but I really think that the way this is going to have to be attacked and dealt with is not to set politics aside. I’m not saying that none of this is political, but it’s a cultural problem we face. The reason conservatives have been so maligned and are so maligned, the reason people who don’t know us think of us the way they do is not because they understand politics. It’s a cultural thing.

You could say cool versus uncool, hip versus unhip. But they’ve been brainwashed. I don’t mean that in a communist way. I’m just saying they have been indoctrinated. And you can find evidence of it everywhere. I mean, for example, one of the things that I get in the most trouble on this show for is that what I say is really controversial? No. It is they haven’t the slightest understanding of a traditional sense of humor. You see, you don’t laugh at what they believe. It’s just not done. And people who do that are considered reprobates or what have you. But most of the things that I get in, quote, unquote, trouble for, you know, I’ll say something here, it gets all over the media and people, “You need to apologize, that’s outrageous. You mean-spirited…” And you who listen every day know full well all we’re doing here is entertaining, we’re just having fun. They don’t get it. I’ll give you one of my favorite examples. I love stereotypical humor. But you can’t do that anymore. Stereotypical humor, top of my head, mother-in-law joke. You know what a real dichotomy is? Your new Cadillac you see driving off the cliff, but your mother-in-law’s in it, so jeez, is it good or bad? You tell that joke today seriously, and these people are going to be out of their gourd. They don’t see one thing stereotypically humorous about it. They just think it’s entirely insensitive and mean-spirited and anti-woman. And that’s cultural, not political. You couple this with the fact that they’re preternaturally arrogant and cocky with what they think, so it’s gonna be a daunting task.

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