Top Dem Senator: Obama Must 'Express Concern' About Morsi Power Grab

Top Dem Senator: Obama Must 'Express Concern' About Morsi Power Grab

Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told “Meet The Press” this morning that Obama must acknowledge what is happening in the Egyptian government power structure.

Senator Levin: “If Egypt takes some real responsibility for making the cease-fire work, we’ll stop those missiles from going through the tunnels in Gaza, and they seem to be moving in that direction. And that can make a real difference in terms of what’s going on in Gaza and their attacks on Israel, which have been the cause of the whole thing.”
David Gregory, NBC: “So what would you like to see the President say to put a break on Morsi seizing power? What words does the President have to use to say, ‘We’re not going back to Mubarak?'”
Senator Levin: “He has to express those concerns and say, ‘Obviously, we want this change to not just be democratic but to also be supportive of stability and also protecting minorities and human rights in Egypt.’ He says that, but at the same time he’s got to point out that behind all of this is Iran. Iran’s support of Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and the way that has been filtered into weaponry that goes through Egypt, into Gaza — If that can be stopped, by Egypt, and if Iran can get a message that the missiles are not going to succeed against Israel because their defenses against short-range missiles, in this case, with the Iron Dome system, but also with the Patriot system against possible Iranian long-range missiles, is going to take leverage away from Iran. Keep pulling the world together against Iran. That’s the source of the problem.”

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