Scarborough: 'Conservatism Is A Racket For A Lot Of People To Get Very, Very Rich'

Scarborough: 'Conservatism Is A Racket For A Lot Of People To Get Very, Very Rich'

SCARBOROUGH: “Bill Kristol has a great column. I’m going to retweet it right now. But he says, quote, every great cause begins as a movement. This is an Eric Hofher quote that he applies to the GOP. Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and eventually degenerates into a racket. And that’s exactly what happened. You had the great conservative revolution of 1980. And you had Heritage and a lot of other organizations grow up out of that. And all the intellectual thrust politically was on the Republican side from 1980 to, say, 1990. The Democratic party was tired. Liberalism was exhausted. But that turned into a business. We saw a couple this past week, a couple of Republican consultants got paid tens of millions of dollars. And then it becomes a racket, and that’s where you have a lot of people running around saying harsh things that sell books and push ratings and lose elections. And that’s where we are. Conservatism is a racket for a lot of people to get very, very rich. With no thought of winning elections.”

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