GOP Rep: 'Rumors' Boehner 'Rewarded' Congressmen Who Changed Vote For Him

GOP Rep: 'Rumors' Boehner 'Rewarded' Congressmen Who Changed Vote For Him

Larry O’Connor, Breitbart News: “Did people not vote to block Speaker Boehner and were rewarded somehow?”

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX): “Well, there are rumors.”

O’Connor: “What kind of rumors, what do you hear?”

Gohmert: “By and large what happened, is people got concerned that it would hurt them, or hurt their states in some way. And you know, they made the calculated risk, ‘I better vote with him and not against him because I don’t want to hurt the people that I represent.’ And that’s important, and every Representative needs to make that decision … You have to talk about committees and subcommittee chairmanships like that. But, you know, the big thing, too, was there were lots of promises about, you know, ‘Hey, we’re going to do it right now. We’re gonna do regular order, and give the bills you want to help America and give them a chance to go through committee,’ that kind of thing.”

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